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Wedding Photographer in Dubai


Wedding photography is an important part of any wedding and I am at Shedi Photography capture pictures for happy couples each and every year. With our vast experience, we have understood that a wedding photo is only as good as the professional who captures it. This is why Shedi Photography is the preferred photography partner for many Dubai wedding venues.


I am a professional Wedding Photographer in Dubai and constantly improving my skills and trying to perfect the signature shots at every scenic wedding location in Dubai. My knowledge of various locations of Dubai unrivaled. Your experience will begin with a photo consultant who walks you through the process and gives his professional advice. That’s the time when he also takes into account the requirements of our esteemed clients. With the best photography and editing skills, Shedi Photography is unmatched in the entire emirate for providing services at a customer friendly cost. For us, the sentiments and the emotions related to the event come above anything else, and that’s why we are the preferred choice for our customers.


Minimum 2 hours booking required.

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